Develop your technologY needs

Lumisol Technology Consultancy Inc. is a solutions-oriented firm which utilizes specialised applications to positively impact everyday business operations. We exist to help your organisation become more profitable by implementing up to date hardware and software  solutions.

Our team focuses on developing an accurate needs assessment of your organisation’s technology requirements and by extension, we develop systems which best suit your organisation’s needs. The result is the framework for a more efficient environment which uses practical applications as a platform for your day-to-day operations.

Device Frame

Lumisol Technology Services

Device Frame
Network Design

Network design is more than determing where to place components and how to connect them.

Project Management

Let us help you reach your organization’s project goals from planning to execution.

Help Desk Support

Queries? Problems? Lumisol Technology’s team of IT professionals are ready and willing to help.

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

Trend analysis through data analysis informs business decisions and improves bottom-line profits.