Network Audit

Auditing is important to your technology implementation process. A thorough assessment of the state and capabilities of your existing network is essential. This analysis will determine and identify ways to get the best out of your network in the future by analyzing security health, performance, management, and availability.

Vulnerabilities and threats are identified after data is gathered and we also reviews processes and measures that ensure network availability, performance and quality of service. Our information system auditor or network analyst comes to review and gather data about the network’s posture.

Network Optimization

“How well are we doing?” and “can we do better?” are two important questions that you can ask with regards to your network.

With Network Optimization, end-user experience and network performance are measured and analyzed to find ways of improvement. We measure the present performance, provide recommendations to reach the benchmark against local or global references/standards.

It is an important component of effective information systems management because information technology is growing at exponential rates. If proper network optimization is not in place, the continuous growth can add strain to the network of the organization.